Mrs. Sanderson thrashed her Wisdom!

It opens the third blind eye” murmured Mrs Sanderson. “I disagree, Wisdom is divine and continuous” said Mr Sanderson. Mrs Sanderson teaches Human psychology and her husband is a diplomat. On that night she was preparing her notes on Wisdom,when her husband interrupted.

Mrs Sanderson, a lady so unrest. She speaks fast and eats much faster. Though she is disciplined, her priorities knocks her head first. She enjoys teaching and keeping her family happy. That night she could not write much. She exactly knew what wisdom is but she wanted to know how humans react to that ‘Wisdom‘. Next morning on her way to college, she saw a man dumping his thrash on busy street, a group of young boys doping at the corner street, she saw a fierce fight and all gas polluting her sight. On car radio she heard an advertise ‘We don’t believe in truth, We believe in Justice’. For a moment her lost thoughts gathered all the bits. She drove back home to complete to what she had left incomplete and quickly moving pen on the paper, Wisdom is inherited. It is an experience of perpetual learning and keeping but when it comes to react, we ignore the sound of wisdom and live in sheer dumbness of vacuum. When we have learned to keep our street clean, we do not keep it clean.We think and act violently, and forget that violence was never a part of school syllabus. We consume smoke, we speak lie, we disobey, we sense the foul motive and get inspired (at the end she writes) We all have thrashed our Wisdom! Including myself.

Like Mrs Sanderson and several others, we all have deteriorated our wisdom. A year back, I spared some time every Sunday to take Confirmation lectures at the church, enlightening them with the versus of Bible, speaking about Lord Jesus and the Ten commandments and I always told them that this knowledge of God and his teachings must enrich you within and inspire to act wisely. I always believed and made my kids believe that, When you have the knowledge and still do not act accordingly that piece of knowledge is a waste, then with all the thrashed Wisdom, we will be just called a bunch of stupid people.

(disclaimer: The above narrated story is fictional and does not relate to any characters of real life It is just a part of my imagination and purely co-incidence, if there is any existence of such characters. Readers advise are welcome)

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2 comments on “Mrs. Sanderson thrashed her Wisdom!

  1. jamlo
    September 20, 2012

    Brilliantly brought up the topic. Vocabulary used is quite decent. (Assuming this being your first Posts)The only thing I’d like to suggest is USE of some more descriptive sentence, The sentences are too short to actually picturize the scenario. Most of the sentences end and the next sentence seem to be lil unconnected to the latter. The story is shortened basically. Use of simpler words can bring it much alive and doesn’t matter if the posts is long ‘cos the topic you chose is sensible and folks can spend time. 🙂

    But overall, the point was conveyed. Really good effort. Keep Posting!! Cheers.
    All the best. God Bless 🙂


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