I’m Alive

Years passed days gone further,
Darkness commands to be bold;
Pieces of loneliness I gather,
Behold, my son for I’m too old.

Tiny feelings pour out love,
Devoted life all disowned;
Sadness bounds from head to toe,
Million tears just mourn.

Memories still to cherish,
The warmth of happiness and care;
A shadow of you, I wish
Throw words of silent to swear.

Hatrate surrounds through journey,
Thick and thin all way long;
Destiny blows wind of honesty,
Hope mighty and strong!

Forgiveness are plenty within,
So little you understand;
Ruined and destroyed my teachings,
Virtues slipped like desert sand.

If you ever thought about me,
Then remember my pain and cry
My son, you showed how son should be

For I’m Alive, now just waiting to die.

Recently, I thought to blog my poems for my readers. I’m Alive written in 2006, speak about the thirst and pain of a separated mother wanting to be with her son and family. We very easily forget the immense sacrifice of our parents. Just the thought of getting old, reminds me of those millions in our society who leave their parents when they are in need of love, care and attention.

Dedicated to those parents who are far away from their families and living a lonely life.

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