AI 801


It’s early morning and my alarm wakes me up at 3. My most awaited moment has come, probably the happiest moment I would say. For me, its a day of  feast but for my mom, it was a different feeling. She’s excited and I could see it in her eyes. Her heart is enlightened and I know she must have been desperately waiting for this day too.

She drapes a beautiful sari, a matching bindi, little of her favorite perfume and does all to look beautiful. For the first time she looks at the mirror, only to find if something else missing. Before leaving, she lights a oil lamp to our Lady of Valankanni, with a short pray of thanksgiving. Meanwhile I check for keys, switch off the lights, leave the house in hurry and catch a cab from down street.

“Have you confirmed the flight?,  Jacky”

”Have you confirmed the time? ”  questioned my mom “Yes ma”,  I replied with peace.

And I know its always been AIR INDIA 801. We were now heading to the airport to pick up dad.

At the airport, we stood at the arrival exit. Until we see him, me and maa would not talk to each other. Our eyes would eagerly await to see him. I’ll b seeing him after two long years.

My dad always been a champ for me, he is strong with a tender heart. We have not spend much time together but whenever he was back we embrace joy, watch matches together, debate on news, share a beer and eat with joy. Although he is been working oversea for years, he could always easily sense what I’m need of? He never left me deprived from anything, oh! did not realize I got lost into thoughts. It knocked my head that its been an hour now.

I looked at my watch, its 6.10. The flight has already arrived but there was no trace of him. As I turned to mom, she still stood there all this while  just to take the first glimpse.

Sometimes I wonder, how difficult it must had been for her to stay far from dad  for years. I could now sense  the affection and love as I was witnessing what true love actually is! I got lost in thoughts again, its almost 6 30. Though we were tired but the excitement of seeing him was keeping us crisp. As I looked around,  I saw a man much like him he kept coming closer and my senses sparkled, he has arrived. I ran towards him and hug him tight, with tears rolling down gently. I took over the baggage. Mom walks towards him with tiny steps and hugs him silently with rupture of emotions. I was sure their silence got them connected again and as we left the airport our eyes were moist, we wiped our tears gently so we could hide our emotions from each other but we all knew that we did cry because our hearts were filled with joy, to know the fact that we all were together again.

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2 comments on “AI 801

  1. Dipti karpe
    September 25, 2012

    very touching……….. tears rolling down my eyes while reading . awesome jackson
    Keep writing……………..


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