Tuzha aaiichi gand

A bad word isn’t bad when it releases your frustration. Why to frustrate yourself for things that irritate you.For those frustrations-‘Tuzha aaiichi gand’. A popular *Marathi profanity which terminates your frustration but injects anger and enemity in those for whom it is directed.This write up holds true for those who are The Victim.Say it loud when you read your experiences it will free you from every frustration and ease your mind.

The corrupt authorities for little they understand that millions still crave for bread and struggle for shelter -‘ Tuzha aaiichi gand’.

The group of cowards whose popularity have reached every door step as they continue to terrorize innocents and call themselves terrorists – Tuzha aaiichi gand’.

Government policies claims to make a better nation with reforms that rise the prices of staple food and gas.How could people survive in such a better nation? for such claims -‘ Tuzha aaiichi gand’.

Sometimes we keep quite when we become slaves to our own company we work with and get dominated by higher authorities.Why keep our silence for such jobs -‘ Tuzha aaiichi gand’

Services offered by institutions with long waiting queues, hours of wasted time and still continues to be demanded just to issue few required cards, legal documents, necessary sanctions – Tuzha aaiichi gand’.

Religion is just a reason to separate individuals for superiority and no ignorance is attended when Millions shout to bleed Millions against religion, for those Millions –Tuzha aaiichi gand’

Those sex maniacs who have terminated the dignity of individuals and got nothing better to achieve in life, for them –         ‘ Tuzha aaiichi gand’

Happy are those who have everything from luxuries to pleasure then why do they make others realize that they lack those happiness and cannot afford to have one, for those happy people -‘ Tuzha aaiichi gand’

Individuals are honest to disgrace the well being of others.The most talented ones are everywhere with their innocent behavior and sarcastic attitudes -‘ Tuzha aaiichi gand’

There are times when things go wrong.A unexpected surprise test in class, heap of assignments at work, loss of shares, theft of cell phone, and no sleep at night.Such times never last forever but for those times –Tuzha aaiichi gand’.

This write up does not intend to any individual or group in particular but it focus on the incidents that every individual has gone through.As a Victim we must strive to give it back when dishonesty, disgrace, humiliation strikes our Dignity.For we are mould equally by God. And so our Rights too.but our frustrations continues and continues forever and for those frustration we know what to say now –Tuzha aaiichi gand’

(p.s-*’Marathi’ is a dignified language of Maharashtra State of Indian Subcontinent.The idea of writing something like this was from the phrase itself.Its very effective and offensive when directed to someone.If translated in English the phrase means ‘Your mothers ass‘. This write up does not intend to hurt feelings of anyone.Its just a thought of  imagination to release frustration.)

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