The Most Beautiful!


The calmness of fortune is yet to discover
When times are bad,
The seek of comfort withdraws forever
The whisper of fear invites your attention
When times are bad,
The rush of storm shouts with aggression

You knock the doors of cry. The wound yet to be healed
You walk on the ocean, then realize the fear was never sealed


The chillness of mamas love holds your hand
When times are bad,
The strength of dada compels you to stand
The clear sky washes the stain of worry
When times are bad,
The closeness of fellas ease every journey.

You sense the bright sunshine. This joy so unusual.
You surpass the bad times, for people around you, are The Most Beautiful.


During bad times, you look for comfort, you search for happiness, you seek for joy but whats The Most Beautiful are the people around you that comforts you, make you happy and give you the joy you have been deprived of. It is during the bad times when you realize who cares for you more. It gives you the freedom to choose who are meant for you, though how close they are to you but for those good people trust me, They are the Most Beautiful.

Its always been My Mother for nurturing me consistently. Vinita Nair for being the best buddy.You were always there when I needed someone the most. My two best fellas Agnelo Lobo and Jackson Lobo for being crazy and for our those wild moments of friendship. My wonderful family for supporting and strengthening me always.

##This poetry make you realize that relationships and people around you are the most valuable. More valuable than money. Its never late to discover and acknowledge them. I did my bit now it’s your turn.

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