The Assault


The dim light and the sound of breeze occupied her senses. Her predefined state of mind captured all the emotions she had been experiencing all this while. Those lips that spoke sweet was now abrade in disgrace, those hands that cooked good was now compelled to stay calm. She is now in pain and feelings of betrayal pouring on her like a heavy rain. She felt her soul been harmed and shattered into million pieces. Her shut eyes and the closed fist was a sign of a dreadful sin.

It’s been quite long and she is still layed down. She is kissed and scrubbed. She is touched everywhere and fingered violently until she cried in anger instantly, when the pain inserts her soul. It’s now an end of her serenity. What could possibly be left in her? The stains of blood wrapped in her sari. She stood in shiver with the drops of blood on the floor. What could possibly be left in her? The foul smell from her dissolved her dignity. The sweat of her hands have embarked shame. What could possibly be left in her? Her eyes in tears, unclothe and painful. She passes the doors and passes the streets hurriedly. She runs away from her shadow and she runs in fear of betrayal again. Her agony has no bound and under the pole light she rest her breathe, now what would she do? How would she set herself free? Her soul could not speak but her thoughts is in terror asking her to take revenge, only if you want to set yourself free. Her sweat slowly rolls down from her forehead, her bare feet has turned red, her moist eyes now glance at her shadow. She see no difference at all. No difference in the way it is, then why is she running away from it.“Your serenity lies in you. It resides in your spirit. Your dignity lies in your mind. It resides in your thoughts. It can never be harmed and will remain as the way it is”, pronounced her shadow. A gentle force of courage sets herself free, with determination she runs back passing the same streets and passing the same doors. She now stands at the same place but now stands with courage. She could see him resting in sheer peace, she holds the knife with deep anger and holds it on his face for a minute and suddenly breaks the air and stabs him on his face, stabs him several times and stabs him for quite long time until she sets herself free.

With pride, she walks at the center and takes a bow. All the others admire the charm on her face and gives a loud applause. The act was just a performance for her but for the audience it poured out the necessity and essence to set yourself free from The Assault.

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3 comments on “The Assault

  1. Vinita
    November 19, 2012

    so far the best one…i could feel the pain


  2. gravittyshatters
    June 23, 2013

    Reblogged this on Gravity-Shatters .


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