The king of jungle call upon
All elephants, monkeys and dogs;
The birds from their nest come
Also creatures tiny snail and earthworm.

The lion roars and the session starts
Meo, Meo”, whisper the crazy cat;
She education minister since years
Will speak about the reservations.

No more reservations, No more admissions”,
I Mrs Cat shall cancel all examinations
The schedule cast who opt for surgeons and doctorates;
Will be given free degree certificates.

All schedule caste students must be a doctor
Otherwise the government won’t prosper;
All merit secured students compulsorily suffer
saying this, Mrs Cat soon disappeared.

The railway minister take his stand
Mr. Hippopotamus from Bihari land;
Promises for security at every station
First my children, then entire nation.

Trains of Mumbai, Delhi and Madras
Must run of people feared of blast;
Local trains should also run late
For drivers must take proper rest.

Accidents must occur very often
Blast victims must sleep in their coffin;
For I’ll visit,  just visit them in end
Until now, I’ll soon vanish to hell.

The Finance minister holds a rupee coin
Dr. Pigeon stood and said her line;
”A rupee for nation, reserve are all mine
so soon the government account shall shine”.

Income tax must be imposed for all
High rates shall have strong walls;
Tolls, interests, loans here also I call
Fall of business exchange, our entire goal.

Projects must have huge expenditure
”Oh, the development stands to be nurtured”;
We nations chosen shameless creatures,
Shall have no end too in future.

There she flew up in the air
Dr. Pigeon again shall never dare;
Angry lion commands next to share
Old and sick, here comes Mr. Bear.

I take the charge of defense of entire nation
Fear and insecurity is my actual mission;
I call for wars and fights
Otherwise, How would our young men sacrifice?

Our neighbors are strong peace-makers
We are fools, can’t give away Kashmir either;
For terrorists are guest, they come and go
We must treat them, cause ‘Atithi Devo Bhavo’.

I’m so old, sick and disturbed.
Now I’ll run away rather being a Defence minister.

The king has no words to say,
What have we done to this nation?
Now it is all so difficult to repay.

The king terminates the session,
It’s a wake up call for entire nation.
Before it is too late
Uplift your love and spirit;
Take responsibility to fix it.
Otherwise we will be victim forever
Think about it;
We are the Indians and not foreigners.

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2 comments on “Parliament

  1. Agnelo Lobo
    November 18, 2012

    good one…keep up the good work…


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