Martini shots -a love story

Aisha, (no answer).. Jack here”…(no answer again)

His wet hands shivered with no control. The front light of his car turned on and off with the clicking sound of the moving wiper. Jack wipes his sweat and still awaits for her reply. It was raining heavily outside. The noise of water falling on his window pane was frightening him. ”Aisha, can u hear (pause),  im Jack.”

He holds the call for some more time. (after a min)… ”Jack, is that you! ”.

Jack gathers his emotions, ”Aisha, can we meet in sometime

Aisha was reluctant.”um.. Jack (pause)..okay! ill be there at same place

How could she say no?  They had the best moments together. It was not easy for Aisha to forget how charming Jack was, when she first met him. Every weekend they spend evening at the river-side, holding each others hand and looking at the still water for hours. Aisha would stay in his arms and Jack would not stop talking.

Then what could possibly must have happened?

Jack hung-up the call in hurry and ignites his car from wet hands. The rains were disappointing him more. The front light still flickered and the wind wiper still made disturbing sound. He moved the car to a speed. Jack was drunk that night and had no control on himself, at a certain distance he experienced a sudden terrible jerk. His eyes ran to a bar on his left and all he saw the bright flash light of a truck approaching towards him at speed.

Jack finds himself in the bar. The bartender, an Irish old lady, ”Will you have some drink, Jack

Jack surprise came with a worry, ‘What am i doing here?

Jack wondered how could he remember his name and have no memories at all.

He gets restless and absorbed. ‘‘Have a drink, Jack” , the old lady interrupted

Jack would not drink, the Irish lady offered him three shots of martini, with every shot he would travel back to his memory. Jack had no option. He holds the drink and gulps the first shot.

Jack opens the door! ”sweetheart you early today”,  Aisha spoke with a smile.

yea honey, not keeping too well”.

Jack was an alcoholic. He worked as a consultant for a estate firm. Aisha never sided his drinking habits. He got drunk again that night.

I’m sure, you have not come to any decision yet.” Aisha kept on talking, ”You know how much this child mean to me and im all prepared to have one’‘.

Jack kept his silence,  Aisha takes his blazer off, and hugs him tight with a kiss.

honey, I’m not ready for a child. Just not ready

Aisha was always consistent at her work.She earned good and took all her responsibilities seriously.It had been just a month she told him about the child but Jack could not come to a decision yet.

He turns back in despair, and finds himself in bar again.”Your eyes speak that you found the reason” said the Irish lady

I need a second chance, after shes gone i now realize how much i loved her“. His silence had lot to say.

Certainly this second shot would take you to her again” the lady spoke with a smile

There he see Aisha waiting for him at the same restaurant.Through his eyes she still look the same, small curls falling on her forehead,short sleeves and long heels.

Mummy, where are you going?, ” cried her daughter.

Mummy, will be back honey, shes come to see her old friend, Let daddy take care of you

Jack was heart broken.He could not believe to what he saw.His tears rolled down in sheer sadness.He stood there for long time and just kept looking at her.

So what did u see jack, Why dint u speak with her? ” questioned the lady.

Jack realized he never had control on his life.He wished he could had come to a decision earlier.He wished he could had controlled his drinking habits.He wished he wouldn’t had left Aisha.

Remember Jack, you live one life, but you love someone forever, Life will be gone one day but love remains eternal
I release your anxiety now, have this final shot.

Last shot down, he opens a huge door of a room and all he see bright flash lights all around. Then there was Aisha waiting for him.He approaches slowly towards her, hugs her tight and just wished if he could get his life back.

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