Unbound Love


I have closed my eyes,
O ! God in you truth lies.
You created earth, heaven and star;
But your love is still very far.

You gave piece of bread,
Sweat and tears to shed;
You gave cup of wine,
To remember you, my Lord divine.

Even coin has two face,
Someone has to win race;
People are no more yours,
They are all behind evil bars.

I have closed my eyes,
O ! God you’re great and nice;
Your gift of water and fire,
Has fulfilled our unpledge desire.

We need your shade,
For faith that have fade;
People will question you, Lord
Where are you? do you exist or not.

The thirst of mothers womb,
The cry from every room;
Give call to unbound sky,
To echo your heart inside.

I have closed my eyes,
O ! God you are very wise;
If you see this sinful Earth,
Have sunken deep in crust.

Stress, Pain,Violence, Death
Surrounds man till his last breathe;
Life is double-edged sword,
Struggle has become the final word.

My hands crossed and legs knelt,
Ask you a smile on every face;
I realized you will come to spread new light
For now, I can peacefully open my eyes.

It is the love of the Lord that has sustained the race of mankind for centuries and it is this love we seek in our hearts for eternal peace. Written in 2005, inspiring  those who lost all hopes.

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One comment on “Unbound Love

  1. Vinita
    January 15, 2013

    welll written


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