Kiss of Life#


I know her very well. She is beautiful. Oh yea, She is indeed! so one day I happen to ring her, she heard my voice and we had a decent conversation. I wanted to ask her out for dance, I know what you must be thinking it was not that easy for me. Next time I ringed her again she answered my call abruptly, I gathered my courage to ask her out and she said Yes, you heard me right! She did. We scheduled to meet after two weeks and those two weeks my fellas was restless. I just waited and waited.

That night before I whatsup ‘d her, tomorrow is the night girl I hope you haven’t changed your mind. I don’t know what was going in her mind but in my mind I knew very well that I was going restless. That evening she looked amazing, for the first time I hugged her and felt so content within. We went to the venue and it was all lit up well. I ordered black coffee for myself and had a little conversation where she ended up asking a lot about me and I just kept looking at her and sipping my coffee.

The moment had come, I extended my hand and she smiled at me. We went on the floor, wait a second there was nobody dancing but we started off, I hold her hand gently and she holds mine, we moved around on a slow music she moved like a bird and I flew like an eagle. We came close to each other so close that I could smell her perfume, we waved our hands, moved our legs, shaked our heads and danced crazily. We danced like a broken city and all this while we did not speak with each other. The only thing I asked her ”Are you comfortable?” and yes she was happy and I danced more like a crazy ass. I let go her hand gently for a minute, stood around the corner and grabbed a smoke for myself but soon she saw me. Oh lord, that was not suppose to happen. She was disappointed. I tried to explain her, made her understand. How it makes me feel? How I forget the pain? She was adamant, stubborn of course. It turned out to be bitter. I let her go again and fell apart. She compelled me to quit smoking and I compelled her to stop being so stubborn, ”Well, Jackson. I know I am stubborn and it does not harm me“. I kept quiet.

The loud music was killing me now. I looked around to find her but she was gone, gone forever? well not sure about that. The one thing I felt in the crowd that she could have heard me peacefully. The only thing that will get me rid of my addiction, is when I actually have her. When she is beside me whenever I need her.

I gave a thought to be strong to let go my addiction and if you are reading my girl then definitely things will get better. I’ll be better without my addiction but best when I have you in my arms.

## That moment when I danced, I danced with joy. That night brought happiness within me. The dance had brought my life pieces together. My entire feeling much like the Kiss of Life#

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4 comments on “Kiss of Life#

  1. Fergus
    March 3, 2013

    I like the complexity of this blog post, it seems so true to life. Enjoyed reading this buddy! Nice work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gravittyshatters
    March 3, 2013

    Thanx mate! I appreciate for taking time and reading…and more glad to be acknowledged by the writer himself!


  3. deeptiseri
    May 10, 2013

    Nice set up …drags u into his world…love the flood of emotions expressed so appealingly..keep writing.


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