Thou who seek solitude.


We breathe gently. We watch the unexpected;
We smile cleverly, We kindle the most intended.

Then what does the prophecy proclaim?
Our thoughts are haunted,
Our actions are wounded.

We live with no freedom. We move with permission;
We cry with no reason, We bonded with discretion.
One run away from memory. Other mocked on his grave;
Millions follow the decree, Solitude is all thou crave.

The Star of Hope then shines in the sky,
Thou shall not live with fear,
Thou shall not believe what thy hear.

Decades have withered away,
Now cast yourself from the most desired clay.
Walk into the realm of oneself. Its awaiting;
Learn to know more of your self. Its still awaiting.

Thou who seek solitude. Shall seek happiness;
Nothing could be more happier than to know oneself.

Breathe-in closed doors. Let your mind explore;
Awaken your guilt. Awaken your fear,
Awaken the memory you ignore to hear.
Thou shall then seek the answers to all,
What prophecy had proclaimed, you shall have it all.
Your thoughts will not stale,
Your actions will harmlessly inhale.

Thou who seek solitude. Shall always seek freedom;
(and) Nothing could be more free-er than to cherish your own wisdom.


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