Rendezvous with Stone-Hearted


The universe we belong to, is made up of two kinds of human race. The one who suffer the pain of hatred, betrayal, weakness, crises and the other who is ignorant and passive about what others are suffering and experiencing in their lives. The sufferers constantly seek for kindness, love and happiness. They have a intimate stimulus for seeking what they do not have and zeal to achieve it harmlessly. On the other-side the ignorant s have got all but do not see the happenings around. The goodness of universe is not in the nature of ignorant s but they seek to plunge in the glory of their own well being. Decades have passed away and this virtual war still continued and in the midst of the war humans have turned Stone-Hearted because sufferers know that they will suffer and ignorant s know that they will gain glory.

”A fragment of my perception underlines my Rendezvous with the Stone-Hearted”

My initiative to make humans aware to what kind of universe we belong to and to which race we have moulded ourselves either to be a ignorant or a sufferer and how shall we overcome to end the virtual war of human clashes. The choice is ultimately yours?

A Beggar ask for penny,                                                   1#
Everyone ignores and pass silently;
He suffers each night and day,
Yet nobody helps on his way,
No bread to live, No house to stay.

Life seems miserable for him, than what it appears.
See this world my dear, Stone-Hearted humans here.

What a Life this could be,                                                2#
Parents hope for death to see;
Their naughty boy,
Gives no more joy,
Their eyes shed tears constantly.

Life seems miserable for them, than what it appears.
See this world my dear, Stone-Hearted humans here.

Hear the pain of this women,                                         3#
She is prostitute for many men;
Respect for her gone and flew,
People will criticize this she knew,
But for her children she has to do.

Cloak your heart with love and with revere.
Cause you know this world my dear, Stone-Hearted humans here.

Never imagined course of his life,                                 4#
would be so difficult to realize;
A small kid all alone,
No one to call of his own,
His fate has send him to orphan.

Embrace your kindness with love sincere,
Cause now you know this world my dear, Stone-Hearted humans here.


Neither Man nor Women,                                               5#
Life seems difficult for everyone,
We are all in fault, unfortunately
We are the humans of Stone Heart.


We are the humans of Stone-Heart. We truly are. For many times we suffer and for many times we are ignorant. The peace lies in being neither of it, but to be a Compassionate Human who juggles between the two races and sensitize only the goodness of this universe.

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