Superwomen -an extraordinary woman with no powers

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She sailed on the rocky mountains of moon, and slipped on the shadow of clouds.
The thunder of earth does not threaten her anymore;
and she swiftly falls to the ground, in the middle of the congested traffic;
The honking cars and the zebra crossing.
The chilling cry of the child pulls her back. He looked at her with arms wide open,
‘Oh, my mother, without you I’m lost in the crowd of millions’.
She runs towards him and take him in her arms and the seconds halt to that very moment;
She has compassionate love to give others.
A man she remembers a decade back, when she look at the band on her finger and then realizes he is still waiting for her.
The waves of wind fear to follow her and darkness disappears when she is around others.
No train or a plane, can stop her and she reaches her house;
a house without her can never be a home.
On fine morning, she wakes up with the sun.
Thousand sunshine fall on her for giving infinite to others;
and yet ask for nothing.
She is millionaire with a gracious heart.
She holds the breeze like the moon holds the dark;
and never vanishes from the sight so fortunate is her brother;
and then on fine night thousand hearts hide beneath in anguish,
When a women like her departs leaving everyone shattered.

No man is a human and not every man is strong.
Without her even Adam would not become a righteous man.
The world we talk about and all history we proclaim;
Even Genesis cannot cleanse the marvels every women has ever sustained.
I have never seen the face of the God nor do I know he exist,
Only when I look at you my mother I feel my life is complete.
A brother would speak of zillion courage but for him;
His love for sister can never be erased.
I love her so much. Yes I really do.
The women of my life and I’ll marry only you.
I could just go on with infinite words for million hours.
But I could never finish writing about her,
about every ordinary women;
who is a superwomen -an extraordinary women with no powers.

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