#1 The pHenomenaL (pursuit)


After long time I watched something truly amazing in its own way. ‘The Sessions’ directed my Ben Levine and starred by John Hawks and Helen Hunt. A true story of a paralyzed poet who hired a sex surrogate to lose his virginity, quite a contentious subject for Indian audience but to me it has infused thoughts and consciousness about sex. In India, we never speak about sex openly. I don’t remember if my parents were ever inquisitive about my sex life but that’s not the subject of discussion.

One should actually understand the design and pattern of sex. Our body craves for thirst and hungers for food, similarly is the desire for sex and it is a part of us which cannot be undermined or kept hidden. There always has been an underline philosophy about sex and virginity. Well, In particular I’m not referring to any religion or cultural obligations. As an individual one must not look at it as something derogative but needs to be open about it. Those who think it to be a derogative for them sex is nothing but molestation, submission, rape and bondage but when you accept and be open about it then you will seek love. Going back to the story, Mark O’Brien wanted to experience love because he knew nothing about it. Later when he met his sex therapist his life changed, he felt happy about life and its purpose. Life is to love and to love is life, rest all is mortal. Love triggers sex and it doesn’t matter if you are in love with a man or a women.

In the end, Mark asks the church priest ”What is love?” and priest replies ‘Love is journey……’




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