Martini shots -a love story

”Aisha, (no answer).. Jack here”…(no answer again) His wet hands shivered with no control. The front light of his car turned on and off with the clicking sound of the … Continue reading

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Contagious Pleasure

I’m not alive. A dead man comes to me and ask ”How is it like to be alive?” I had no answer. I am now in search of life. I look … Continue reading

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I The king of jungle call upon All elephants, monkeys and dogs; The birds from their nest come Also creatures tiny snail and earthworm. The lion roars and the session … Continue reading

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The Assault

  The dim light and the sound of breeze occupied her senses. Her predefined state of mind captured all the emotions she had been experiencing all this while. Those lips … Continue reading

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The Most Beautiful!

The calmness of fortune is yet to discover When times are bad, The seek of comfort withdraws forever The whisper of fear invites your attention When times are bad, The … Continue reading

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Tuzha aaiichi gand

A bad word isn’t bad when it releases your frustration. Why to frustrate yourself for things that irritate you.For those frustrations-‘Tuzha aaiichi gand’. A popular *Marathi profanity which terminates your … Continue reading

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What a feeling…? !!

I’ve held others before, But it was never like this, Where my body inhales you, And quivers with bliss. Where my senses are reeling From the strength of desire And … Continue reading

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