#1 The pHenomenaL (pursuit)

  After long time I watched something truly amazing in its own way. ‘The Sessions’ directed my Ben Levine and starred by John Hawks and Helen Hunt. A true story of … Continue reading

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Isi ka naam hain zindagi

Ummeed pe duniya kayam hain, Usi ummeed se main sapno ko seejta hoon, Har ek sapna kitna behtareen lagta hain, Shayad isliye haqeeqat ko zindagi kehte hain. Dil main arzoo … Continue reading

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Superwomen -an extraordinary woman with no powers

She sailed on the rocky mountains of moon, and slipped on the shadow of clouds. The thunder of earth does not threaten her anymore; and she swiftly falls to the … Continue reading

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Rendezvous with Stone-Hearted

The universe we belong to, is made up of two kinds of human race. The one who suffer the pain of hatred, betrayal, weakness, crises and the other who is … Continue reading

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Thou who seek solitude.

  We breathe gently. We watch the unexpected; We smile cleverly, We kindle the most intended. Then what does the prophecy proclaim? Our thoughts are haunted, Our actions are wounded. … Continue reading

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Kiss of Life#

I know her very well. She is beautiful. Oh yea, She is indeed! so one day I happen to ring her, she heard my voice and we had a decent … Continue reading

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Unbound Love

I have closed my eyes, O ! God in you truth lies. You created earth, heaven and star; But your love is still very far. You gave piece of bread, … Continue reading

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